Four Tips on Making Money with eBay

Most people these days have heard of eBay. They know that they can bull and sell online as advertised on TV as and are amongst the best sites to sell just about anything. There are listings for a cent and no item to shabby as one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. When it comes to profits on eBay, the site itself does actually take a cut. They do relax these by having special offers such as “no fee weekends” for example so it’s good to take advantage of these.

In this article we are going to take a look at the Top Four ways on how to make money with eBay.

1, Start selling. Sounds obvious but by selling we mean literally selling – anything at all. Many people have items at home that are worthy of a sale and you don’t even realise it. Take a good look around the house, some things are never used. These things may include clothes, electronic equipment, cleaning appliances such as vacuum cleaners or anything else that the seller is able to ship.

2, Think Small. When it comes to postage and packaging of course, not sales. Try to keep any package sizes to a minimum as you can stand to lose a lot of profit simply on postage and packaging. Anything that fits into a small bubble envelope is the perfect eBay item however when you’re starting out and just getting rid of a few bits and pieces in the home, don’t worry too much as that initial profit is key.

3, Open your own store. That’s right, a store. Once you’ve made those first sales and choose to carry on selling online with eBay, it’s important to then move on by opening an eBay store. This will give you more credibility as a seller and also helps bring more traffic to you as a user. This also means you can charge that little bit extra for any product as most buyers will be willing to pay more for added peace of mind.

4, Start Spending. Yes, we said spending! So now you’re all set up on eBay and have rid your home of any unwanted items, you can start sourcing out different products that will sell on eBay. It’s obviously best if you can source items for a really cheap price. Shopping online on other sites is an option but if you’re more hands on then junk stores can suffice. Remember here that even weird and wonderful things will sell.
Well, that’s it, we hope you enjoyed reading this article. Good luck with your eBay account. And remember, making that first sale is key – just make sure you follow it up with a steady profit.

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