3 tips on how to make money on YouTube

YouTube is a video sharing platform where you can create attractive videos and make money. There are some V-loggers who have made fortunes online through YouTube. You can as well start making money on YouTube but you should first learn the basics. There are several things you need to do so that you can make money. First, you need to sign up and grow your audience base.

To make many people get interested in watching your videos so that you can make money, you need to study your audience and create attractive videos. Several niches are available out there which you
can utilize to start making a lot of money online. For example, you can start by carrying out research on things you love and the type of videos you can create. Some of the investments you need before you venture into YouTube as a way of making money include buying a camera and then search for the best video auditing software. Provided you can make attractive videos, you will be good to go in your YouTube money making process.

3 tips on how to make money on YouTube

1.Sign up for a YouTube channel
The first step you need to take is to sign up for a YouTube channel. It is free provided you have a Gmail account. The free account will allow you to access different features on YouTube. Take your time to study the working of the YouTube channel. You can familiarize yourself on how you can upload videos among other features. You may have watched several videos on YouTube before and you know the type of content required. It is a simple process which you can accomplish even if you have never tried before. Making money on YouTube is easy because you do not have to pay any subscription fees, provided you can create a video, you are ready to get started. You should as well check on the terms and conditions as well as the user policy. Always adhere to the terms and conditions when working with the platform to avoid penalties.

2. Upload Attractive videos to your channel and grow the audience
The second step you need to take is to create attractive videos and upload. Some of the ideas include a video about your pet, certain products or even your hobby where you will be sharing with people what you love. There are even some funny videos which tend to attract a lot of following. Try to create something unique which will make
many people get interested in your channel. Remember the many people you attracted to your channel the more money you will likely make. You should as well carry out outreach on social platforms such as Facebook among others so that you can make many people know about your channel.

3. Monetize your YouTube channel
You are supposed to allow YouTube start placing ads on your channel so that you can make money out of it. The final step you need to take so that you can start earning from YouTube is to sign up for Google AdSense and allow the company to market on your channel. You will have ads displayed from where you will get to generate revenue.

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